Guillaume Duhan

Hello, my name is Guillaume Duhan...

...and I am a Full-Stack Javascript Developer.

I am currently living in Paris, France .

I was ten years old when my parents bought my first computer.

I've launched my first blog about literature at fifteen and discovered WordPress.

I've started to help bloggers to build their websites. This is how I became a Front-End Developer.

Since then, I've worked in 3 differents countries, join about 20 start-ups, build more than 100 websites and web applications.

And I'm still loving it.


JavaScript: Angular 1.6, Angular 5, React, Vue, jQuery, Node, Express, MongoDB,, Meteor

Mobile: Ionic, React Native, Cordova

Other: HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, Sass, Less, Typescript, ES6, JSX, API Rest

Favorite CMS: WordPress

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